Palais Lichtenau - Festsaal_12X!2

Palais Lichtenau - Festsaal

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Inspired by the notion of discovery through reflections and symmetry, Celia Rogge takes a personal, inquisitive lens to everyday life. She focuses on finding beauty in the detail. She shines a light on the hidden obvious in her work, the sublime in detail and the emotional in the unemotional. 

She achieves this with reflections of natural light, in glass facades, naturally occuring or with daylight-infrared photography. Her passion for linear structure and symmetry is unified throughout her photography. 

The series of enfilades, which she photographed in Potsdam, Germany at Palais Lichtenau and Schloss Sanssouci, suggests to the observer an invitation to the way she sees the world. Door frames indicating a passageway - a perpetual entrance and exit. The repetitive nature of enfilades adds the powerful suggestion of infinity. 

72"w X 48"h