111 Louis XVII Chair_4c_UNSIZED
No. 111


Jan's sense of humor is evidenced in the name of our "Louis VVII" chair - her update to the classic chair from the Louis XVII period.  Jan's version is a little wider and deeper for more comfort, and the carving detail on the square legs modernizes a traditional classic.

26”w X 34”d X 36”h overall
19 1/2” seat h
24 1/2” arm h

Shown in polished French ivory
COM: 3.5 yds., based on 54"w plain fabric
COM: 1.5 yds. for contrast welt, based on 54"w plain fabric
COL: 63 sq. ft.
COL: 27 sq. ft. for contrast welt
CORD: 16 yds., based on premade cording
Handcrafted in the USA

This item can be made in most of our wood finishes.
Most finishes are available in a satin or polished sheen.